Whiteclay Redevelopment is led by residents committed to encourage and develop new and supportive opportunities in Whiteclay.  It is committed to a new direction for Whiteclay with the hope of providing positive and contributing opportunities to Pine Ridge and the greater community.  The past has been ugly.  It is a new day and time to start.

The start begins with a Whiteclay Makerspace.  

Whiteclay Makerspace will provide resources and space for artists, craftspersons, builders, cabinetmakers, furniture builders, and others with similar skills, interests, and needs.   The space will essentially be a shop with tools, machines, and supplies that people can use to build and create.  They are “creators.”

There will be machines such as dremel tools, ban saw, chisels, laser cutter, quilting machines, easels, sewing machine, work tables, and canvas stretchers, along with other specialized and standard tools and equipment.  There will be room to create and build.  

There will also be a place to obtain supplies for artists creation(s) and a safe place to store pieces in process.  

The Makerspace will also have a storefront for public purchase of items created and will build out online shopping channel(s) for sales and distribution opportunities.

The long-term possibilities of this space include mentoring, classes, and opportunities that support and inspire the youth. 

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