Whiteclay Makerspace

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Our ancestors worked with their hands...alot of the people have lost that because of the alcohol.
— Nadine Morrison, Artist/Crafter

The Whiteclay Makerspace 501(c)(3)

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The Issue

Creating art is one of the most common trades on the Pine Ridge Reservation and one of the most important to Oglala culture. Art supplies are hours away and expensive, there is no safe place to work, warehouse art, and the lack of accessible markets leaves artists operating in a crisis mode (“This piece is worth $400 but I need to buy diapers so I will sell it for $40”)

History of Whiteclay 

The  Solution

In the midst of the old liquor stores, the Makerspace will provide access to art supplies, a safe place to work, and state of the art equipment.

The space will also provide an online store where artists can establish a more reliable income and teaching/mentoring opportunities.

Make Whiteclay stand for something good - make your year about something bigger

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Amount Raised - $3,450

 Artist: See-A-Vizion - Lakota Free Lance Graphic Design & Painting Entity.

Artist: See-A-Vizion - Lakota Free Lance Graphic Design & Painting Entity.

Whiteclay Redevelopment 

The insights, vision, and operation of White Clay Redevelopment is based on almost twenty years of experience and relationships among the Lakota people in Whiteclay, Nebraska and on the neighboring Pine Ridge Reservation. Every aspect moving forward is planned with utmost dignity in conjunction with the Oglala Sioux Tribe members and their thriving culture. 

Whiteclay Redevelopment, L3C was the catalyst to launch the nonprofit organization Whiteclay Makerspace. It is a registered low-profit, limited liability company dedicated to organizing resources and activities to accomplish positive change for Whiteclay.