Whiteclay Makerspace

The  Solution

  • Art supplies sold at cost.
  • Equipment such as quilt makers, dremmel tools, canvas stretcher, wood materials, ban saw, laser cutters, and more.
  • Safe warehousing and display of art work
  • Online store to sell work at market value.
  • Safe space for artists ,young and old, to gather.

The Problem

  •  Lakota artists drive hours to buy art supplies at retail cost.
  • Artists do not have access to equipment and and a space to work.
  • Artists sell their work significantly below its value.
  • Artists do not have a safe place to warehouse their work.

 History of Whiteclay 


A New Whiteclay Is Emerging - and You Can Help.


Amount Raised - $2,629

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Whiteclay Redevelopment is an equally represented team looking to encourage and develop a new, and supportive economy in Whiteclay, Nebraska

 Artist: See-A-Vizion - Lakota Free Lance Graphic Design & Painting Entity.

Artist: See-A-Vizion - Lakota Free Lance Graphic Design & Painting Entity.


We seek to:

  • Work with area entrepreneurs and the Oglala Sioux Tribe to support new businesses and sustainable jobs

  • Promote existing local businesses that are providing socially-beneficial goods and services

  • Partner with others to develop Whiteclay as a place of healing and hope, honoring of the region's unique heritage and traditions

  • Whiteclay Redevelopment L3C is a registered low-profit, limited liability company. 

  • It is the entity to organize resources and activities to accomplish positive change for Whiteclay.

  • Home Office: 131 Brooks Street, Whiteclay, Nebraska. 


The insights, vision, and development of White Clay Redevelopment are based on almost 20 years of experience and relationships among the Lakota people in Whiteclay Nebraska and on the neighboring Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Every aspect moving forward is planned with utmost dignity in conjunction with the Oglala Sioux Tribe members and their thriving culture.