B.O.B.S. = Broad Opportunity & Better Services

P.L.A.N. = Promote Lakotas As a Nation


Step 1

The first step in this campaign and effort is to 'spread the word, involve others and secure resources' for what we believe is becoming a "New Whiteclay".

We have organized initially under a legal, financial and management entity known as an L3C, or Limited Liability Corporation.  Whiteclay Redevelopment L3C seeks to acquire funding from private, non-profit/foundations and governmental sources for the purposes of acquiring property (real estate) in the Whiteclay/Pine Ridge area in order to establish new businesses and expand existing ones.  Start-up funds and micro-loans will also be established to accomplish this.

Besides the financial investment required for this challenging re-development project, we recognize that it will take the involvement of diverse, talented and experienced individuals to plan, promote and realize a vision that many thought would never happen.  How exciting is that?

It will take not only dollars but hands-on physical labor, cooperative relationships with government, partnering with entrepreneurs and much more.  We seek your help.


Step 2

On faith we have proposed and initially introduced B.O.B.S. P.L.A.N. to the public.   That is, the idea - the BIG idea - to create a business-friendly atmosphere in a place that frankly has been held back from progress and prosperity for decades because of governmental and public neglect.

So...  the challenge is to provide B.roader O.pportunity with B.etter S.ervices, along with a long-term commitment, to P.romote L.akotas A.s a N.ation - that's what it's all about.

We are appealing to you, as well as,  the good citizens of Nebraska, the state which advertises itself as “The Good Life” to do everything they can to get involved and invested in a way that will help us expedite and create a (new) place where these things are realized. 


Step 3

THIS FINAL STEP IS THE MOST EXCITING, MOST PROMISING AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL…. the P.L.A.N. part of the campaign – to Promote Lakotas As a Nation!

While the intention of men was to isolate, separate and to 'set apart'  for reasons of greed and control, the word 'reservation' is not in God's vocabulary.  He sees all of His human creations, made good and in His image, as worthy and important. 

The Creator's plan was, and remains, for the Lakota Nation to come to know their purpose and to prosper.

Our small part in all this is to begin to fill the basic human desire – that of work and the dignity that comes with it – that has been robbed from them throughout history and even to this day.

Whiteclay Redevelopment L3C is today’s tool that will be used to create a new, bold and healing economy and atmosphere of opportunity – JOBS – for the people of the Lakota Nation AND the people of Sheridan County, Nebraska!