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In the winter 2018, The Whiteclay Makerspace 501(c)(3) purchased a former liquor store here in Whiteclay to build the makerspace

To launch this resource for Whiteclay artists, we need help your help raising funds for these three categories:

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  • canvas stretchers

  • carpentry tools

  • laser cutters

  • quilting machines

  • easels/work tables

  • sewing machines

  • other specialized and standard tools and equipment. 

Estimated Cost: $25,000

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  • interior renovations

  • building workspaces

  • building safe art storage units

Estimated Cost: $20,000

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Online Store

  • web hosting

  • shipping/handling

  • maintenance/personnel

Estimated Cost: $5,000


1) Download

One of the biggest ways you can help is by spreading the word! Hit the button below to download two pictures you can post!

2) Post

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Tell your friends about this awesome resource being built for local artists!


Your funds will go directly to building the space and purchasing the equipment for operation. Be sure and stay tuned to see your funding in action!

Make your tax-deductible donation here:

Amount Raised - $3,450

Total Fundraising Goal: $50,000

Questions about larger donations, corporate giving, and sponsorships? Please give us a call at 402-631-3384

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Art over Alcohol

Make Whiteclay stand for something good

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